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BY ADMIN · JUR 12, 2018
Hi Michelle ,For the Bitter Apricot Seed,it is comparable to what our customers are used to from our label. The taste is the same.
Good cosmetic appearance of the sample is a factor, too.

BY ADMIN · DEM 12, 2017
Hi Mingsen,Sorry for the late reply. Yes we received all the products of dandelion and we were happy with everything. So, we will add you as our primary supplier for these ingredients. We will need to order more very soon.

BY ADMIN · DEM 12, 2017
It's a very strong berry flavor, so either only steep it for the time it recommends, or keep adding water to help dilute it. It also looks and smells delicious. It's a very deep red (don't spill it! it's very noticeable), and has a berry/fruit smell to it.
BY ADMIN · JUR 12, 2018
Suanzaoren is really good for treating insomnia! I grind it into a powder, take a small amount every day, and in half a month's time the quality of sleep really gets better! It's really amazing!

BY ADMIN · JUR 12, 2018
Hi ,Mingsen,The quality of the organic scutellaria that you sent to me is very good. There is no problem with the test. I look forward to the next cooperation with you.

BY ADMIN · JUR 12, 2018
Dandelion leaves are very clean, soaking in water to taste a kind of fragrance. When the weather is hot, the drink feels very comfortable! It can also clear away heat and detoxify, and the acne on my face is also reduced! Great!

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