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What Are The Benefits of Astragalus Membranaceus?

What Are The Benefits of Astragalus Membranaceus?

Update Time:2018-05-30
The Health Benefits Of Astragalus Membranaceus

The plant is used as an herbal treatment for physical exhaustion and as an energy tonic,though it is less well-known than ginseng remedies.It is ofen combined with ginseng to treat general fatigue or fatigue associated with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome,infections such as candidiasis and herpes simplex virus,mononucleosis and hypoglycemia.   

There is condiserable research on the herb's ability to support the body's immune system,particularly in cancer patients.

Studies have shown that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy recover faster,have prolonged life expectancy and are better able to withstand the side effects of modern cancer treatments when given astragalus.

It is thought that the presence of saponin, polysaccharides (astragalan I, II and III) and triterpenes in this herb encourage the bone marrow to produce more white cells as well as enhance white blood cell function. Astragalus may also enhance the effects of platinum-based.

Astragalus has both antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is thought it may stimulate the body to produce interferons, which are proteins that trigger the immune system to respond to a foreign invasion.

This herb is therefore a natural means of strengthening the body against infection and disease and is useful as a preventative treatment during cold and flu season.

This herb contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage by free radicals. This may make it a natural treatment (in conjunction with conventional treatment) for people with severe forms of heart disease.

It was used to treat patients suffering from Coxsackie B viral myocarditis and it was found that these patients had improved natural killer cell activity. It may be beneficial in the repair of the heart muscle.

Saponins present in astragalus have anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive functions. They also make this herb a natural diuretic useful in treating fluid retention disorders including edema.

This herb has been used as a natural remedy for prolapsed organs, particularly the uterus. It has been found to be beneficial in cases of uterine bleeding or excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle.

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