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What is Chinese herbal medicine?

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

Update Time:2018-05-10


CChinese herbal medicine is one of the main clinical healing in ancient Chinese medical system. He is not as famous as acupuncture, may be linked to complexities and lack of effect is immediately visible as compared with acupuncture, which can reduce the pain quickly.
Chinese herbal medicine is not a method with an accurate description because he uses medicinal plants or herbs, minerals, insects (silkworm skin, for example), marine animals (oyster shell), and animal products like tiger bone.
People who ask for help from skilled Chinese herbal medicine is very often confused with what is given to them, how they work, and how to prepare.
One of the common misperceptions that happen in Chinese herbal medicine which they considered as like chemicals in modern medicine or vitamins. Of course, it contained a lot of chemicals in each plant. Sometimes, they contain extracts, which is a component of certain chemicals that are made into drugs.
For example, malaria can cured with the extract Qinghao (Artemissia Apiacea). However, the practice of pure Chinese herbal medicine, herbs are not selected based on the chemical components, but the energy released from the whole herb.
For example, Huangqi or Astragalus Propinquus (derived from plant roots pea family), is a Chinese plant that is often used, the taste is sweet, slightly warm, and have the equation for the meridian of the lungs, spleen, and kidneys.
Because qi (energy), the spleen is the main energy absorption of food, metabolism, and immunity, Huangqi effective for disorders of absorption, slow metabolism, and organ prolapse (organs out of place that should be), to arrange immunity and prevent bacterial and viral infections .
Qi kidneys arrange urination; therefore, Huangqi also effective for urination dysfunction caused by prostate enlargement. To treat a variety of different illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and side effects of chemotherapy or radiation, often combined with other herbal ingredients.

Many people think they can consume the same Chinese herbal medicine for pain, like when they consume food and other nutritional supplements. The body's energy status is changed according the results obtained from herbal medical treatment, then the ingredients and the dose also needs to be modified every one or two weeks or other time periods, depending on the person's condition.

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