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Please enjoy the charm of the Natural planting base with us !

Our Natural planting base covers an area of 350,000 ㎡. It has
 Unique and natural mountain areas geographical advantage :

1.Altitude 500-1200m, all the products grow in the mountains away from the PM2.5 and industrial pollution.

2.Some of our customers also testing the air, soil of our own planting base and getting high recognition from them.

3.Intelligent monitoring system to record plant growth status in real time and sampling inspection on a regular basis.

One-Hundred Year Strategy of our compoany, we always been working with efforts on the health of human!

Simple and natural working have increased communication between human and nature!

June to August of every year is our harvest season , in order to maximum maintain nutrition and medicinal value, we are almost manually picking, keeping the product in good shape .

Our Chinese herbal medicines do not add anything from the wild growing, picking, drying under natural sunlight, cold storage, simple packaging and processing to ensure that our Chinese herbal medicines are green, organic and healthy.

We have diversified products and engaged in the deep processing of Baical Skullcap Root, Flos Tiliae, herba equiseti arvensis, leaves of Betula platyphylla, Rhizoma Atractylodis, bitter apricot kernel and Kushen. Our annual production capability is hundreds of tons per year. We are also engaged in over 60 kinds of TCM products such as Schisandra chinensis Baill and Lycium Chinese.

Also the government support is helpful to us for expanding planting base every year , introducing famous species and accelerating the development of terminal products.

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